Debate over Residency Work Hours: What about Med Students?


By Walter Wiggins

The debate over resident duty-hours has been active in the news recently, with articles emerging that suggest residents are unhappy with the new duty-hour restrictions and that the new duty-hour rules neither provide relief from resident fatigue or increased patient safety1 – the stated primary goals of duty-hour reform.

Another study suggested that resident concerns about making significant medical errors have actually increased since the implementation of the new duty hours2. These startling revelations have prompted a new discussion about the real issue with resident workload3, 4.

The issue, it seems, is that there just aren’t enough residents to cover all of the work and that increases restrictions on duty-hours only exacerbates the disparity. However, mixed opinions exist as to how this problem will be best corrected5.


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Mnemonic Monday: A broken heart… Part Two!


By Molly Lewis

A broken heart… Part Two!heartIn my last mnemonic, I taught you how to remember the 1st step treatment for acute CHF exacerbation. Now, here’s a trick to help you think through what might be causing your patient’s sudden deterioration!

CHF exacerbation causes: 

——–   FAILURE   ——–


First Aid for the Step 2 CS 4th Edition Errata Posted!



The OFFICIAL errata for the 4th edition of First Aid for the Step 2 CS is now posted on our Errata Page.

This update reflects content errors and typos that may create confusion that were submitted before June 18, 2013.

Please visit the page or click here to download the new errata.


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Med School Done Right: The Letter of Recommendation Series – Intro


letterBy Luke Murray

This post is part of a series called “Med School Done Right,” which will look at not just succeeding in medical school in the narrow terms of “getting good grades,” but at shaping the kind of experiences you want to have during these (usually) four very important years of your life.

Now that you’ve jumped through all of the hoops associated with getting into medical school – taking premed classes, the MCAT, getting healthcare-related experience, collecting letters of recommendation, filling out that AMCAS application, and ultimately, filling out those secondaries and going to interviews – you’re now safely ensconced in med school. Whew!


Mnemonic Monday: MONA + LMNOP – What to do 1st when your patient has a “broken heart”…


By Molly Lewis

When a patient presents to you with something as life threatening as a heart attack or acute heart failure, it can be hard to think clearly. Use these mnemonics to quickly remember what to do!


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