Sometime’s it’s hard to pin down the perfect time to schedule a webinar.  What with time differences and busy schedules, not all of you have had a chance to access Dr. Tao Le’s super-informative webinars.  But, not to worry!  We’ve got you covered!

We don’t want you to miss a thing, so Dr. Le’s webinars are now available in print form for you to review whenever the time is right for YOU!

Of course, these short versions don’t include the interactive Q&A sessions that Dr. Le offers after each webinar, but we’re working on it!

Just click on the pics below to access print versions of Dr. Le’s informative webinars.

FA 2014 step2ck8thEdition match5thEdition wards 2012
  • Nadjei
    #1 written by Nadjei  1 year ago

    have you posted the slides from tonights webinar yet?


  • FirstAid-RStigall
    #2 written by FirstAid-RStigall  1 year ago

    Hi @Nadjei. Click on the book above that corresponds with the slides you would like to view.

  • Sylvia
    #3 written by Sylvia 6 months ago

    Hi! I have a question regarding FA for USMLE step 2 CK: is the 9th edition going to be published in the foreseeable future? Why is there an yearly edition for step 1 and a less frequent one for step 2?
    I am grateful for any information you can provide.

  • Malena
    #4 written by Malena  4 months ago

    Hi, I’d also like to know when the 9th edition of FA for USMLE step 2 CK will be published. From previous editions I see that there’s a 2 to 3 year difference between editions. Being the 8th one from 2012, I’d like to know if there will be a new one this year, and if so, around what time would it be published.
    Thank you.

  • FirstAid-RStigall
    #5 written by FirstAid-RStigall 4 months ago

    Hi Sylvia and Malena.
    The next edition of the Step 2 CK book is currently undergoing the editorial process and will be released later this year.

  • Rox
    #6 written by Rox  4 months ago

    when exactly is later this year. I have been using this religiously for all shelves but am sick of whiting out stuff that is wrong or finding room to add important stuff that was missed.

  • Shah
    #7 written by Shah  3 months ago

    I intend to start my Step 2 prep around April and I’m researching what aids I should gather. Could you ballpark a release date for Step 2CK 9th edition? Spring time like the 8th edition or near the end of the year like the 7th edition? Either way, I look forward to it very much and hope that it is released early enough so I can incorporate it in my prep.

  • FirstAid-RStigall
    #8 written by FirstAid-RStigall 3 months ago

    Hi Rox and Shah.
    We’ve been told to expect a release near the end of the year, but keep an eye on for the latest updates.

  • DAS
    #9 written by DAS  2 months ago


    I am interested in the Step 3 First Aid. Are there any plans to update FA for Step 3? If so, when should a new book be coming?

  • Marvin Minott
    #10 written by Marvin Minott 1 month ago

    Is the First Aid Organ systems sufficient for step 1? I have the subject based one but am wondering if I should get the organ systems based copy and prefer it more.

  • Sylvia
    #11 written by Sylvia 1 week ago

    when the 9th edition of FA for USMLE step 2 CK will be release?

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