Gunner Style! (Gangnam Style Med School Parody)


We love this video from the Feinberg School of Medicine! Why? Because he’s “got all these books, but I only read First Aid.”


Surviving Step 1: MCAT Scores & USMLE Performance


By Walter Wiggins

Are MCAT scores predictive of USMLE performance? This question strikes the minds of many medical students, particularly when trying to set performance goals for Step 1. I wondered the same thing when I was preparing for Step 1, and I was a little concerned because I hadn’t done as well on the MCAT as I felt I could have. In college, I majored in mathematics and took the bare minimum science requirements to apply to medical school plus a little extra chemistry. On top of that, I didn’t take MCAT prep as seriously as I should have. The result was a score that was successful by most standards (and, obviously, got me into med school), but I knew when I started preparing for Step 1, that I wanted to do better.


DO Corner: Studying OMM for the COMLEX Exam – PART TWO


By Sean Martin

Now that you have your spinal levels memorized (if you haven’t done that yet, see my last post), we can talk about the rest of the high-yield topics in OMM from COMLEX Level 1. To review, it is always more important for level one to understand how to diagnose a dysfunction than to treat it. Make sure you are aware of dysfunction names and how they are written out. For example: thoracic segment ten, side bent right, rotated left and neutral will appear on an exam as T10 N SRRL.

Now let’s move on to the good stuff.


Congratulations, you’ve matched!


By Jaysson Brooks


Congratulations, you have matched!

Program Code: xxxxxxx
Program Name: xxxxxx
Institution Name: xxxxxxx


On March 17th, 2011, I read the words that served as the culmination of all that I had worked for since my first biology class as a pre-med. I matched into my dream program and was floating on cloud nine.


Do the Harlem Shake with the First Aid Team


Hey, check us out at AMSA’s 2013 Convention in Washington, D.C. doing the Harlem Shake! Thanks to all who participated!

It’s Match Day!


Here’s a great video from last year’s match at UCLA!

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