DO Corner: Structure of COMLEX Level 1


By Sean Martin

One of the major rumors I’ve heard around campus lately surrounds the structure and scoring of COMLEX. Depending on the school you attend, you may have noticed that some students have a real grasp of what is going on and others seem to be a little confused. I am writing this post to set the record straight and to give you nothing but the facts, with maybe a couple of tips thrown in.


Video App Review: Obstetrics & Gynecology LANGE Q&A for iOS


With all the great apps available to help you study, how do you know which one(s) to choose? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Check out this great video review from First Aid team member, Jaysson Brooks. We include a grade for the app based on our Video Review Grading Scale.

Know of an app you’d like us to review? Share your suggestion in the comments below.

NameObstetrics & Gynecology LANGE Q&A for iOS
Mobile Operating System: iOS

Price: 135 free questions. $39.99 for 1,277 more questions.

*Grade: A


*Grading Scale

For IMGs: 2013 Post-Match Analysis: Resolving Concerns for IMGs


By Sarah Wesley

Recently, a number of sources have raised the concern that match statistics were worse for IMGs this year, including particular alarmism about the few Family Med and Pediatric spots that went to IMGs and DOs. In particular, these sources have caused a great deal of angst as people have conjectured that this year’s primary care stats may reflect a general trend for the future involving all types of residency programs. I wish to address the error of reading into isolated statistics, with the hope that my viewpoint will ease the minds of international medical school graduates minds and encourage them to continue applying to residencies in the US.


Mnemonic Monday: “Don’t Mess With the Pancreas!”- Mnemonics for Ranson Criteria in Pancreatitis


By Molly Lewis

For patients diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, the Ranson criteria can be used to predict which patients will have poor outcomes. The criteria look at a patient’s lab values, etc., when they are admitted and then again 48 hours later.


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Med School Style [Gangnam Style Med Parody] – NYMC Class of 2016


We love this video from:
New York Medical College Class of 2016.

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