• Joseph Sun
    #1 written by Joseph Sun  1 month ago

    First Aid for Step 2 CK, 8th edition

    Page 299, Pregestational diabetes and Pregnancy

    The text says “Observed in 1% of all pregnancies”

    Uptodate says 13% “Pregestational diabetes (ie, diabetes diagnosed before pregnancy, type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus) comprises approximately 13 percent of all diabetes in pregnancy,”

  • Joseph Sun
    #2 written by Joseph Sun  1 month ago

    Oops, sorry, misread the uptodate article. 1% still seems like a really low number.

  • varta
    #3 written by varta  1 month ago

    In regards to First Aid Q & A for USMLE Step 1, in the pharmacology section, the answer choices to #7 do not correlate to the question. Anyone have the explanations for the question?

  • varta
    #4 written by varta  1 month ago

    Nevermind, the answers for 7 and 9 are switched

  • MMR question
    #5 written by MMR question  1 month ago

    I got a question on my ck about MMR and I remembered that your book said MMR is contraindicated in egg allergy. I put it as answer trusting first aid- unfortunately I didn’t know that this book is full of errors. Please could you start working on publishing a new edition. People trust your brand and I don’t want more people get wrong answers because of this book. I think CK writers have caught on on your mistakes and now can easily get people who took CK before a certain rotation and have to rely on your book on info.

  • N
    #6 written by N  2 weeks ago

    On USMLE Q&A
    Question 33 – page 388
    The image given in the book is not a renal ultrasound mentioned in the question, but an x-ray of the pelvic region.

  • MK
    #7 written by MK  1 week ago

    FA for Step 2 CK, 8th Ed, Page 503:
    Contraceptive methods that protect against PID: OCPs and barrier contraception.

    Per UpToDate:
    Oral contraceptives (OCs) have a complex interaction with PID… women using OCs appear to develop PID in response to cervical initiating agents about as frequently as other women, but the severity of the infection — with respect to both symptoms and tissue damage — is substantially diminished.


  • ST
    #8 written by ST  1 week ago

    P. 247 Carotid endarectomy indications are correct but your correction to this in the errata pdf is incorrect.

  • Jason
    #9 written by Jason  2 days ago

    To the MMR question above, you were correct in your answer that the MMR CAN be given to children with egg allergy. Multiple studies have shown that it is safe in children with egg allergies.

    See UpToDate link:

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