• Joseph Sun
    #1 written by Joseph Sun  2 weeks ago

    First Aid for Step 2 CK, 8th edition

    Page 299, Pregestational diabetes and Pregnancy

    The text says “Observed in 1% of all pregnancies”

    Uptodate says 13% “Pregestational diabetes (ie, diabetes diagnosed before pregnancy, type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus) comprises approximately 13 percent of all diabetes in pregnancy,”

  • Joseph Sun
    #2 written by Joseph Sun  2 weeks ago

    Oops, sorry, misread the uptodate article. 1% still seems like a really low number.

  • varta
    #3 written by varta  1 week ago

    In regards to First Aid Q & A for USMLE Step 1, in the pharmacology section, the answer choices to #7 do not correlate to the question. Anyone have the explanations for the question?

  • varta
    #4 written by varta  1 week ago

    Nevermind, the answers for 7 and 9 are switched

  • MMR question
    #5 written by MMR question  1 week ago

    I got a question on my ck about MMR and I remembered that your book said MMR is contraindicated in egg allergy. I put it as answer trusting first aid- unfortunately I didn’t know that this book is full of errors. Please could you start working on publishing a new edition. People trust your brand and I don’t want more people get wrong answers because of this book. I think CK writers have caught on on your mistakes and now can easily get people who took CK before a certain rotation and have to rely on your book on info.

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